vineri, 26 februarie 2010


You're gone. Bye. Don't miss me, I know I won't.

I'm in my room again.
I'm staring at the walls and I try to erase all the memories I have with you.
And I will.
I will because I want to ,that's the way things should be.
I don't want to see your pretty little face again, or hear your voice.
I don't want to know if you're still breathing.
For me, everything will remain the same, like without knowing you.

I don't care if you will apologize and ask for forgiveness.
You will complain about me being childish and I'll continue ignoring you.

Enough about you. After all you've done, you don't deserve all those lines. Actually, I don't really think you deserve anything.

Dolls are meant to be thrown away.

I'm in my room again. My plain white room with no doors or windows...
But I'm happy now. I'm happy that the pain is gone.
The teapot and cup are still on the floor. Fresh fruit tea now on my teapot.
Of course, ghosts of my past and some dreams are still haunting me.
But they are a part of me, I have to live with them or live in fear.

The only thing I can't live with is the fact that I know I'm not from here. And that I have another home.

I'll talk about it some other time...

Untill then, I will continue spending my nights in this Asylum and living my days as someone who some of you may no longer know.

Maybe that's why you don't see faces like mine everyday.

2 comentarii:

  1. sunt sigura ca un bilet la aerosmith te-ar inveseli acum :>.Chiar si fara un rinichi

  2. I find the strength to tell you things I hardly ever show /
    My mirror holds your severed tongue/
    But in your amber eyes/
    I see the the questions never end/
    I never could disguise/
    So why pretend?